About - Perhil

I'm an avid Danish photographer based in Copenhagen. Having spent about 35 years in the Danish Foreign service with assignments in various countries all over the world, I felt like retiring in due time ahead of normal practise in order to devote more time to my beloved passion, the photography.

At the beginning I felt like having lived in a suitcase for too many years and were not really in the mood of traveling any longer. This sensation, however, lasted only half a year’s time, then I started anew to head for, mainly remote countries, and in recent years I am travelling abroad photographing about half the year...Countries visited for photographic shooting in recent years include Iceland, Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Chile, Patagonia, Latvia, Cuba, Australia, China, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar.

I have participated in Internationally oriented Photographic Workshops and other Photographic arrangements in Paris, Prag, Venice, various regions in Laos, and Havana. I’m a Leica M and Q shooter, but have also been shooting with other camera types. Feel welcome to have a look at my pictures, these latter being also on sale at reasonable prices, and may be delivered entirely in accordance with your wishes.